Dealing With Blocked Ears or Excess Ear Wax? Consider Ear Microsuction

Feeling like your ears are blocked? Speak to our friendly pharmacy team to find out how our ear microsuction service can help.

When it comes to taking care of yourself, some things need more attention than others. We’re all careful about our skin, teeth, and hair, but what about our ears? Unless we start to experience discomfort, we often don’t consider them at all.

Ear wax build-up might not seem like a big deal, but it can cause discomfort, make it hard to hear, and even lead to infections if we ignore it.

If you’re starting to notice any of these symptoms we recommend speaking to one of our friendly pharmacists who will help you decide if you can benefit from our ear wax removal service.

How Ear Microsuction Works

Ear microsuction is a safe and gentle way to remove extra ear wax. It’s much better than older methods like ear syringing, which can be uncomfortable and aren’t as commonly offered anymore.

Instead of flushing your ear with water, microsuction uses a tiny vacuum under a microscope to carefully suck out the wax. This not only helps to keep your ears safe it also helps you to feel comfortable during the process. We know a procedure like this might not be something that you’ve had done before, so we’ll explain everything and answer any questions you have about the procedure to put you at ease.

One of the great things about microsuction is the results that it gets. Even if your ear wax is really stubborn, microsuction and our team can still get rid of it. It’s quick and easy, and it can help to bring back your normal hearing.

Why Choose Ear Microsuction?

Microsuction is often chosen as a treatment for stubborn ear wax because of its speed and ease. You usually only need one appointment, and it doesn’t take long at all. Plus, it’s way more comfortable than ear syringing. Since our team can see your ear really well with the microscope, they can be extra careful and make sure you don’t feel any pain while removing all the ear wax they can.

When Should You Consider Ear Microsuction?

If you’re having trouble hearing or your ears hurt, it might be time for microsuction. Typical signs that you could benefit from the procedure are mild earache, tinnitus, clogged feeling ears or even reduced hearing and dizziness. If you’re concerned our team are experts in all things ears and will advise you if you’re a good candidate for the procedure or give you advice if you’d benefit from an alternative treatment.

Get Ready for Clear Ears with Ricky’s Pharmacy

If you live in Epsom or Ewell and you’re dealing with ear wax problems, don’t worry we’re here to help. Our Ear Wax Microsuction service is safe, easy, and it’ll make such a difference to your hearing and ear comfort.

If your ears are bothering you, make an appointment online for microsuction and get ready to hear clearly again.
Don’t let ear wax hold you back – ear microsuction is here to help you feel comfortable and hear well again.

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